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What is PrintLife Holding ?

PrintLife Holding is a company whith highly qualified experts in graphic design, printing industryand advertising. We are specialized in fulfilling all kinds of orders at the best price and in excellent quality.

What makes PrintLife Holding better?

Printlife Holding currently comprises 15 printing houses in Central and Eastern Europe. Our international printing system allows us to choose from more than 100 machines, it means we can easily find the best, cheapest, quickest and smartest ways to fulfil our customers' needs. Based on this nerwork our printing possibilities are almost unlimited. Our experts select the appropriate manufacturing and printing processes and participate in the quality control of raw materials + production technology. Moreover, a special expert team monitors the whole manufacturing process.


What makes PrintLife Holding cheaper?

The company currently has approximately 500 partners. This complex capacity allows us to work for much lower price than the average market prices. Our company's commission is covered by the frame contracts with our partners. This means costs saving  for our customers, substantially lower prices and even better quality.

What does Print Life Holding provide for customers?

Professionals with several years of experience in the printing industry, in graphic design and in advertising guarantee the complete design and production of catalogues, product descriptions, user manuals, advertising texts, graphicworks, publications, flyers, etc. Our company helps to create the ideal sales material, product design and in some countries helps to plan the whole campaign of a complete marketing strategy.


Summary: what can you get from PrintLife Holding?

  • - Reliability + flexibility 
  • - Best prices
  • - Excellent quality
  • - Print design + production
  • - Printing process consulting
  • - Continuous quality control + guarantee
  • - Graphic design
  • - Copy writing
  • - Complete marketing strategies, product branding and campaign planning 

If you need professional printing services you are at the best place to have your work done. In the past decade we have already carried out more than fifteen thousand successful printing projects. In our offer you can find various products: brochures, catalogues, price lists, user manuals, advertisements and marketing tools, magazines, flyers, leaflets, throw-aways, prospects, books, placards, posters, tabloids, letters, writing papers, scratch pads, writing pads, newspapers, posters, files, dossiers, folders, wrapping papers, boxes, vignettes, labels, tags and packaging papers for the food/cosmetic industries.